Corporate Philosophy

企業理念 第一化成は すべてにおいて現代も未来も誠実で信頼される企業であり続けます

Daiichi-Kasei continues to be a sincere and trusted company in all aspects at present and in the future
...for society, the environment, customers, business partners, and ourselves.

Out line

Head office
7-1, Okanonishi-cho, Kawata, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto Postal code: 607-8323
Date of establishment
January 1947
Date of incorporation
January 18, 1955
yen180 million
Financial closing date
June 30
Sales amount
yen 9.53 billion (Actual result of June, 2018)
Number of employees
Affiliate company
Daiichi Foods
Representative director
Youichi Kinekawa
Main products
Materials for processed foods, food products, food additives and applied preparations
● Food materials / SLAWP (Soluble Linear Aggregated Whey Protein) Genesis, High functional proteins (milk, egg, meat and vegetables) Sugar group etc.
● Food products / sauce, seasoning and dressing, and spices
● Artificial and natural food additives / phosphates, color formers, antioxidants, food preservatives, quality improvers, pH adjustments, coloring agents, seasonings, sweeteners, thickening and gums, and others
● Applied preparation / custom-made Premix and other formulations
Main business categories of clients: Meat processing, marine product processing, precooked foods, confectionery, bread baking, frozen foods, noodle making, flour milling, seasonings, milk and dairy products, agricultural product processing, canned foods, beverages, medicinal products, health products, animal feeds and pet foods, and others

Net work

Head Office
"7-1,Okanonishi-cho,Kawata,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto,Postal Code:607-8323,Japan"
Telephone:+81-75-581-4126 Facsimile:+81-75-581-7990
R&D center
"7-1,Okanonishi-cho,Kawata,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto,Postal Code:607-8323,Japan"
Telephone:+81-75-581-4126 Facsimile:+81-75-581-7102
Sapporo Sales Office
"S.E.Bldg.3F,2-7-1,7-jyo,Kikusui,Siroishi-ku,Sapporo,Postal Code:003-0807,Japan"
Telephone:+81-11-842-3211 Facsimile:+81-11-842-3337
Sendai Sales Office
"1-3-1,Takasago,Miyagino-ku,Sendai,Postal Code:983-0014,Japan"
Telephone:+81-22-388-8061 Facsimile:+81-22-388-8062
Kanto Sales Division
"NS3 Bldg 7F,2-51-3,Akabane,Kita-ku,Tokyo,Postal Code:115-0045,Japan"
Telephone:+81-3-5939-1261 Facsimile:+81-3-5939-1265
Nagoya Sales Office
"2-23,Issha,Meitou-ku,Nagoya,Postal Code:465-0093,Japan"
Telephone:+81-52-703-3132 Facsimile:+81-52-701-8567
Osaka Sales Office
"9F,Otedori Eslead Bldg. 3-1-2,Otedori,Chuou-ku,Osaka,Postal Code:540-0021,Japan"
Telephone:+81-6-6943-1761 Facsimile:+81-6-6944-0891
Fukuoka Sales Office
"1-9-4,Muromi,Sawara-ku,Fukuoka,Postal Code:814-0015,Japan"
Telephone:+81-92-822-3388 Facsimile:+81-92-822-3399
Production Headquarters
"8,Tsuchibotoke-cho,Kawata,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,Postal Code:607-8325,Japan"
Telephone:+81-75-594-5243 Facsimile:+81-75-594-0056
Yamashina North Plant
"6,Tsuchibotoke-cho,Kawata,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,Postal Code:607-8325,Japan"
Yamashina South Plant
"8-5,Tsuchibotoke-cho,Kawata,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,Postal Code:607-8325,Japan"
Yamashina DF Plant
"10,Tsuchibotoke-cho,Kawata,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,Postal Code:607-8325,Japan"
QC/QA center
"8,Tsuchibotoke-cho,Kawata,Yamashina-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,Postal Code:607-8325,Japan"
Kameoka Genesis Plant
"23-4,Kakikihara,Kitakanage,Oui-cho,Kameoka-shi,Kyoto,Postal Code:621-0017,Japan"
Kameoka Food Ingredients Plant
"23-9,Kakikihara,Kitakanage,Oui-cho,Kameoka-shi,Kyoto,Postal Code:621-0017,Japan"

Corporate history

January 1947
JEstablished Daiichi-Kasei Kogyosho at Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
January 1955
Reorganized Daiichi-Kasei Kogyosho to a corporation with a capital of \1.3 million
July 1969
Changed the company name to Daiichi-Kasei Co., Ltd.
July 1974
Following the completion of a plant exclusively engaged in food products, moved production base of food department to newly established affiliate Daiichi Foods
September 1985
New head office building completed and headquarters and technical research department moved
January 1993
Constructed new Kameoka food plant as production base for the novel material SLAWP Genesis in Kameoka City
November 1996
Capital increased to \180 million
November 2002
Yamashina Shokuten and Yamashina Daini Plants were approved and registered to JAFA's GMP recognition system
June 2007
Constructed Kameoka Food Ingredients Plant specialized in protein products on the premises of Kameoka Food Plant
May 2009
Kameoka Food Ingredients Plant was approved and registered to JAFA's GMP recognition system.
June 2009
Announcement of new opening of Kanto Sales Division
August 2009
Yamashina DF Plant was approved and registered under the Kyoto City's (Kyoto, Japan) responsible authorization system for food hygiene and safety (Miyako shoku no anzen eiseikanri ninshou system).