Functionaly material developed from milk SLAWP (Soluble Linear Aggregated Whey Protein) Genesis SLAWP GENESIS

Why not use Genesis, our new food material extracted and pro-cessed from milk constituents to develop new products or add to the advantage of your existing products?

Here are some examples of the processed foods in which Genesis is actually used.

Precooked foods

Genesis forms an emulsion gel that helps to cook meatballs from which the fat content does not separate easily and therefore looks better in the finished products. It also improves the production yield.


Genesis adds high heat resistance to gelatin, which made production of "hot coffee jelly" possible. A sponge cake without eggs is possible using Genesis's foaming property. The water-holding property contributes to the juicier finish of teriyaki chicken.

Processed meat or marine products

Genesis prevents cracks in sliced meat products like pork loin ham, which makes the product's surface look much better and maintains the natural texture.
Genesis also improves the texture of kaniashi and gives it a clean white finish.


The high gelatinizing and heat resisting properties of Genesis delay the softening of precooked noodles, e.g. spaghetti or ramen, considerably.

Frozen foods

Genesis inhibits the aging of starch and increases water retention, which improves the stability of quality of frozen foods. Okonomiyaki pancakes are softer and juicier, and tempura does not lose its crispness when reheating in a microwave oven.
Efforts to ascertain safety and security These products are manufactured in a facility registered under JAFA's GMP recognition system in compliance with HACCP.

Health foods

Taking advantage of Genesis's gelatinizing and digestive properties, a novel product called "Soft Capsule" with thinner but stronger film and a feature where it does not digest in the mouth but easily in the stomach was developed. It also prevents caking between the capsules. Genesis can be applied to a wide variety of areas, not only in food industry but also in the medical, technical, and cosmetic industries.

We hope to turn whey protein, which has always been considered a supple-mentary ingredient, into a main material. We dedicate our efforts to R&D in order to make our dreams come true one by one.

Protein as a main material

Proteins have always been used as supplements in the processing of foods. Daiichi-Kasei developed SLAWP, a novel technology to modify the properties of whey protein in the belief that proteins can be used as a main ingredient if its form is changed. This is how Genesis, the dream protein with unprecedented features and functionality that conventional whey proteins and other materials did not have, was born.
The basic manufacturing technology of our original product Genesis is patented in more than 20 countries worldwide. There are also many applied patents using this basic technology.

Genesis has innovative features and functionality
beyond the conventional characteristics of proteins.

  Functional properties Features
Gel characteristics
  • ・Can be processed into either hard or soft gel irrespective ofprotein concentration
  • ・Can be processed into transparent gel that looks like gelatin orpolysaccharide and does not melt by heating
  • ・Can be processed into gel at room temperature
  • ・High heat stability
  • Hard gel
  • Elastic gel
  • Soft gel
  • Transparent gel that does not melt when heated
  • Gel that should not be cooked
  • Transparent acidic gel
Sol characteristics
  • ・Uniform sol physicality can be achieved
  • ・Has basically same features as those of gel
  • Viscous sol
  • Soft sol
Liquid characteristics  
  • Heat-resistant, high-viscosity liquid
  • Oily texture
  • Low-calorie
Interfacial quality
  • ・High heat stability
  • ・Has similar Newtonian behavior to liquid oil
  • ・Has only about 3% of the calories of oil
  • Fat-holding capacity
  • Emulsifying capacity
  • Foaming capacity
Nutritional characteristics
  • ・Can be used to stabilize fat-soluble vitamins, flavoring and spices, or to mask the animal scent
  • ・Excellent acid-resistance, salt-resistance, and heat-resistance
  • ・Can be processed into a fat-holding, emulsifying, or forming gel
  • Highly digestive
  • Highly nutritious
  • ・Excellent digestibility in the stomach and intestines. Can be absorbed easily due to its low molecular weight and lower allergic potency is expected.
  • ・(Stabilizes quality of frozen foods
  • ・Can be used for preparing jelly with alcohol
  • ・Does not change from heat when it is unprepared
  • Prevents aging of starch
  • Resist alcohol denaturing
  • Does not gelatinize from heat
  • ・Environmentally and human friendly
  • Utilization of large quantity of whey

Genesis Lineup

  • Genesis A
  • Genesis H
  • Genesis HC
  • Solated, aseptic packaging,
    distributed at normal temperature
  • 20 kg / 10 kg / 2 kg × 9