We develop new products from basic research in order to realize the best taste and safety for our customers.

Daiichi-Kasei works to reinforce overall management of production and quality every day. The registration in the Japan Food Additives Association (JAFA's) responsible authorization system of food additives good manufacturing practice(GMP)and the registration in the Kyoto City's (Kyoto, Japan) responsible authorization system for food hygiene and safety (Miyako shoku no anzen eiseikanri ninshou system),observance of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point(HACCP)and maintenance of our own guarantee system for product quality and safety all reflect our belief in providing customers with maximum safety and reliability.

Food protein materials

  • Milk protein materials
  • Egg-white protein materials
  • Meet protein materials
  • Vegetable protein materials
  • Functional food materials
  • Artificial and natural food additivesDetaiils
  • Sauce,seasoning and dressingDetaiils
  • Premix order systemDetaiils

Product InformationArtificial and Natural Food Additives

Phosphate Polyphosphates, Pyrophosphates, Metaphosphates, etc.
Antioxidant Na L-Ascorbate, Ferulic Acid, etc.
Food Preservative Sorbic Acid, ε-Polylysine, Organic Acids, Vitamin B1, etc.
Seasoning Beef, Pork and Chicken Extracts, Yeast Extract, etc.
Nitrate & Nitrite K Nitrate, Na Nitrite
Coloring Agent Cochineal Extract, Annatto Extract, Caramel Color, Laccaic Acid, etc.
pH Adjustment Organic and Inorganic Acids, etc.
Thickening & Gum Purified Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, etc.
Quality Improver For Processed Meat /Fish, etc.
Curing Agent For Processed Meat (Ham, Bacon, Sausage), etc.
Others Spice Extracts, Spices, Sweeteners, etc.

Product InformationSauce Seasoning, and Dressing (Portion Packed~20kg in Bag-in-box)

Sauce (Based on Miso, and Soya Sauce)
For Grilled Meat and Vegetables, Barbecued Chicken, Chaotzu, Meatball, etc.
Liquid Seasoning
For Noodles, Japanese Hotchpotch, Pot-au-feu, etc.
Liquid Seasoning (Non-GMO, Artificial Food Additives Free)
e-Aji (Extract of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Kobu Seaweed, Bonito, or Vegetables,)
Italian, Marinade, Carrot, Tomato, Balsamic Vinegar, Soy Sauce, French, etc.

Product InformationPremix order system

Custom-made service to support customers' food processing

Daiichi-Kasei's Premix is a line of food materials used in the production of processed foods, seasonings and sauces, or food additives prepared according to the customer's prescribed recipe or Daiichi-Kasei's own recipe. The Premix order system is unique to Daiichi-Kasei and is based on recipes developed in collaboration with customers to provide them with optimal Premix products. We deliver goods that are prepared in an impeccable manufacturing facility registered under Japan Food Additives Association (JAFA's) responsible authorization system of food additives good manufacturing practice (GMP) in compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), in a packaging format to suit customer needs.

Flow Premix order system

we develop your Premix recipe in collaboration with your company Customer Sales representative Research & Development center Designing the Premix recipe Preparation of ingeredients where safety is confirmed Trial production Customer approval Production(at a plant approved by JAFA's GMP) Quality control/quality assurance(QC/QA Center) Quality and safety assured Deliver goods to the customer
  • R&D Center Analytical
    Reseach Laboratory
  • R&D Center Sample Preparation &
    Development Laboratory
  • QC/QA