Research & development

We always set the challenge of basic and applied resarch for the development of new produats in order the best tast and safety for our customers.

We offer the Best Food Solution to the customers by taking full advantage of our latest research facilities, e.g. analysis and measuring instruments, food manufacturing machines for meat, marine products, precooked products, noodles, retort-packed foods, confectionaries, bread, desserts, hospital foods, nursing care foods, health foods, beverages and pet foods and by collecting and sharing the latest information by all the research members with a global perspective.

Organization Chart

R&D Center R&D team Marketing Development team

Business contents

Development of products
  • Materials of Functional foods and preparation.
  • Food additives and preparations.
  • Food products (seasonings,souces,dressings etc).
Technical support
  • Trial production in collaboration with custamers.
  • Presentation of our products to custamers.
  • Holding seminars on food odditives etc.
Requested reseach
  • Trial production and experimental research by request from custamers at no cost.
  • Experimental research by request from customers at no cost.
    (physical/chemical tests,bache no tests,physical property tests etc.)
Applied reseach
  • Development of processed foods monufachuring technology.
  • Development of preparation recipes using our products.
Basic research
  • Development reseach in new food materials and food additives.
  • Collaborative research with customers, universities, and public research institutes.
  • Presentation at ocodemic conferences, publication of articles, ocquisition of potents.

We have more than 2,500 research projects per year. Participation in academic conferences, published papers, and patent acquisition is increasing.

Main subjects of research

  • Development of protein food materials and pre-mixtures with new functional properties.
  • Research on the characteristic of various kind of starch that improves quality of sauce and of processed meat products.
  • Research and development of foods(care foods) for those who have difficulties in mastication and swallowing.
  • Research on the characteristic of powders properties of food protein materials.
  • Development of novel food materials and processing technologies for bakery, confectionaries, bread, desserts, noodles, hospital foods, nursing care foods, health foods, beverages, and pet foods